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Kalimat Magazine publishes writing, artwork, and photo essays on a wide range of topics. Our dossiers cover Current Affairs, Culture, Art and Design and New Media (please review the infographic on the last page). We are looking for writers who can tell a story with accuracy and accept stories that are both fun and serious. Kalimat is not necessarily about Arab affairs and culture, but focused on providing a space to the Arab creatives within the region and worldwide to explore and produces ideas and work.

We welcome queries from unpublished writers, freelancers, artists, designers, photographers, and anyone with a great story (and who are not afraid to openly express their opinions). We pride ourselves on working with new and emerging writers and artists in a wide range of voices that are well researched and persuasive. We particularly encourage writers to grapple with ideas that are important and are not present elsewhere.

New writers should consider directing their efforts towards establishing a working relationship with us by taking on departmental assignments. We prefer proposals to completed articles outlining what you want to discuss and the angle you are taking. If you have not written for Kalimat before, please provide at least one non-fiction sample of writing (attached or a link). Please familiarise yourself with our magazine, blog and other social network content before querying by reviewing some past issues.

Kalimat’s issues do not follow a theme, our dossiers cover a wide range of topics designed not to limit anyone, so feel free to pitch whatever you like. Artistic freedom is encouraged and emphasised. Please do not send previously published work or poetry submissions. Please note: we do not publish press releases.

The writing should be accessible to a general readership (comprehensible enough for a high school student and interesting enough and research-worthy for an academic). Our readership is worldwide, and so local issues should be written in a way that is understandable to a reader anywhere in the world.

We publish articles on any number of topics and in a range of styles, including in-depth news stories, investigative journalism, personal essays, op-eds, reviews (films, books, music, theatre, and more), travel writing, interviews, photo-essays, artwork, design submissions, creative non-fiction articles, fiction and short stories. Your query should clearly identify the direction you want to take with your article, the question you want to answer, or the point you want to argue. In general, op-eds/features should be less than 2,500 words. We will occasionally accept longer articles.


  • Current Affairs
  • Culture 
  • Art+Design
  • New Media


If you know someone with first-hand experience or expertise on an important issue and want to schedule an interview, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help you schedule your interviewee for a Kalimat interview. 


Unsolicited reviews are welcome, but if you contact us first, we’ll arrange a complimentary review copy of the album/book/film. Recently published material is prioritised. Reviews range from 500-750 words.

Creative Producers features:

We feature all types of creative producers in our pages (design, performance, video, sculpture, drawing, photography, film, etc). We welcome submissions from writers interested in featuring/interviewing creative producers. Although we prioritise writers proposing a feature on or interview with a creative producer, if you are an artist/designer/filmmaker interested in submitting work, please email us by including samples of your work and a brief statement about it. If your work is selected, we will assign a writer to it. 

How To Submit:

Send us an email to Submissions may be sent as an MS Word File (.doc, .docx) or a text only file, the subject line should read "Submission". In your query, make sure to include your name, phone number, e-mail address, a resume, writing samples (as links or attachments). Photo suggestions are appreciated. In your query, be sure to describe your writing background and submit a brief biography (20 words) written in the third person and a headshot for our contributors page.

    For all submissions, please send your query to

    When you submit your work to us, you will receive an email and the submission is considered “pending.” All this means is that we have received your submission. We will then review your submission and you will receive an email from an editor if your work is to be published or not. We may also contact you with suggested edits if it is felt they are warranted. You can expect an intensive, collaborative editing process until consensus is reached between yourself and the editors on a final draft.

    Meeting deadlines is very important to us so if you are unable to meet the schedule set out, please let us know immediately and we may be able to accommodate a revised deadline or make other arrangements.

    Please note that we cannot pay contributors at this time. 

    Thank you for considering Kalimat Magazine as an outlet for your work.

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