Issue 09, Vol IV

Issue 09 sees Kalimat return to the online format. Read the full issue below and don't forget to listen to a special edition of our podcast Isma3oo - a collaboration with Radio Zinhum.




Alexandra Kinias  Power of the Pen: Yasmin Helal//Zeina Elcheikh • Informal Cairo//Ali Suleiman • Solar Revolution//Amrou Kotb • The Wrath of the Military and the Liberals Who Make It Possible//Rima A. • The Digital Activists//Sophie Chamas • Baby Steps//Sabrien Amrov • Outside the Camps//Sundus Balata • Unveiling Sexual Harassment//Faris Habayeb & Akram Al-Turk • A Snapshot into Arab Media//Habib Battah • Fear & Speculation in Lebanon//Zane Razzaq • Palestinian Refugees from Syria//Al-Sharif Nassef • Egypt's Revolution Evolution//Nour Flayhan • Syria//Rami Abbas • Yarmouk, Under Siege//


Christine Greige • Role Play: Hamzah Saman//Mohamed Megdoul • Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in North Africa called Numidia//Saleem Haddad • Last Round at Guapa Novel Excerpt//
Sara Alsaraf • An Interview with Riham Isaac//Tarek Joseph Chemaly • Bridge over troubled water: How pop culture can create bonds in politically divided society, the case of Lebanon//Wided Khadraoui • The Bridges of Constantine//Omar Oualili • A Day in Amsterdam//Saeed Taji Farouky • There will be some who will not fear even that void//Zahra Rosa • Keeping Up with Samir Boulazreg//Zeina Elcheikh • Somewhere Called Home//Mays Chami • The Self Expression Taboo//


Riyad Joucka • Desert Ecologies//Dina Amin • Reform//Jaimee Haddad • Shock Factor: A Public Art Statement in Doha//Nora Aly • Supporting the Community through Graphic Design - An Interview with Wajha//Nora Aly • Handmade: an interview with Gina Nagi//Nour Flayhan • His memories: the story behind the objects//Nada Dalloul • The Talk//Hicham Khalidi and Alya Sebti in conversation • Where Are We Now? In Conversation//Nour Tabet • Post-Geographic//Sahar Kubba • Hors-Signal//Nora Aly • Revival of the Mythical Creature//Taiba Al Bisher • The Museumification of Trauma: the Amna suraka and the Kurdish People


Dina Amin • Pngine, A hybrid between a forum and a blog//Hannah Khalifeh • Here, in Damascus//Ashyaa2//Colouring Book//Kalimat x Radio Zinhum • Isma3oo No. 9

Contributors: Ali Suleiman, Alexandra Kinias, Tarek Joseph Chemaly, Saeed Taji Farouky, Akram Al-Turk, Jaimee Haddad, Zeina Elcheikh, Amrou Kotb, Habib Battah, Faris Habayeb, Hannah Khalifeh, Mohamed Megdoul, Nour Tabet, Nada Dalloul, Nora Aly, Mays Chami, Sophie Chamas, Hicham Khalidi, Alya Sebti, Dina Amin, Wided Khadraoui, Zahra Rosa, Riyad Joucka, Nour Flayhan, Al-Sharif Nassef, Sabrien Amrov, Rami Abbas, Sara Alsaraf, Sahar Kubba, Taiba Al-Bisher,Omar Oualili, Christine Greige, Saleem Haddad, Nina Mufleh, Rima A., Sundus Balata, and Radio Zinhum.