Issue 08


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Water, Water Everywhere, nor any drop to drink

It is very easy to take for granted the most basic necessity of life: water. This becomes a big problem, given that the world will face water shortages in the near future, and the Arab world will have its own set of challenges. Limited water supplies have pitted countries against each other for control; however the shortages have the potential to provide for innovative projects and policies that could remedy this issue. 

The Zeinobia Chronicles

Zeinobia, the alias of a young Cairo native, has grown to be one of the most recognised Egyptian bloggers and Twitter personalities of the Arab revolutions, author of the Egyptian Chronicles, her journalism background provides informed political commentary complete with videos, pictures, 140 character narratives, and articles on the daily – and often controversial – occurrences on the streets of Egypt.  With the passing of the two-year anniversary of the 25 January Uprising, she provides us with an insightful status update on how far Egypt has come and how much further it needs in order for the goals of the revolution to be realised. 

The Origami man: An Interview with OzOz

Whilst taking part in a training on “How to Teach Human Rights to Children through Storytelling, Theatre and Puppetry” in August 2012, I met a fascinating gentleman from Egypt. Osama Helmy (a.k.a. OzOz), needs no introduction, as his spirit shines through so brightly when he speaks of his passion, work and art, which are all one and the same: origami. 


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What's in Issue 08?


No Man’s Land by Rima A. //Qatif: The Forgotten Oasis by Ramy Nakache//Sudanese Democracy by Khalid Albaih//From Fayyadism to Resistance Economy: Changing Gears in Occupied Palestine by Sabrien Amrov//Water, Water Everywhere, nor any drop to drink by Ali Suleiman, infographic by Ibraheem Youssef//Teach4Morocco: Showcasing Moroccan Youth’s Commitment to Education by Kenza Yousfi//Sa'ad Hariri's Dim Future by Sarah Kanbar//Something Sectarian This Way Comes by SC//The Shari’a State: An Imperialist Paradigm by Alia Massoud//Two Years After the Revolution: Egypt’s Complex Press Scene by Wided Khadraoui//The Syria Crisis and its Impact on Women's Health by Hana Sahar//Evacuated by Ebrahim Al-Sharif//Human Rights Defenders by Marwan Bassiouni//Without Water by Ebrahim Al-Sharif//Altered Appearances by Reda Keddaji, infographic by Ahmed Shadeed//Border Black Market: Conditioning the Trade Relationship between Algeria and Morocco by Kenza Yousfi//


The Exodus by Alexandra Kinias//Exploring Egypt, Scooter Style: The Cross Egypt Challenge by Angie Balata//Tanooreen by Faris Habayeb//An interview with Ahd Kamel by Wasma Mansour//The Origami Man: an interview with OzOz by Rawan Risheq//The cart of understanding: Halal Hotdogs by Danah Abdulla//A new critical platform for Arabic music: Ma3azef by Ali Charrier//On Heroes and Paperwork by Yara Saqfalhait//Foodie by Bashar Alaeddin//Sirq Al Souk by Sousan Hammad//Conversing with Lioumness by Reda Keddaji//

///ART & DESIGN///

Concept Shops by Dalia Saad//Experimentation: A conversation with Omar Al-Zo’bi by Danah Abdulla//On Our Radar: Rayya Morcos & Nadine Mneimneh by Dalia Saad//Visual communication in Higher Education: A discussion with Dr. Mohammad Yaghan by Noora Sharrab//Triple Threat: Bareface by Nadine Fattouh//Keep calm & Stop Taking Yourself so seriously by Danah Abdulla//An Oasis of High Culture in the Arabian Desert: The Louvre Abu Dhabi - a contemporary spatial embodiment of a classic colonial discourse by Alia Massou//Cairo by Ibraheem Youssef//You are a refugee also by Rami Abbas//The Calligrapher: Hassan Massoudy by Alia Massoud//Independent Spaces by Danah Abdulla//


The Zeinobia Chronicles by Ayat Mneina//Isma3oo No. 8 Podcast by Karim Sultan//Kan Zamaaan by Zamaaan Instagram//