Isma3oo, No. 4 - Winter 2012

This time we made sure you can get to our podcast in as many ways as possible, through iTunes (finally!), SoundCloud (, or from our own site at

In this edition, we features a talk by Creative Director and Editor Danah Abdulla given at the “Artistic Arabs in America” event in Washington DC on issues with education and cultural production (particularly in the Arab region); an exploration and commentary of issues of nostalgia, technology, and what was lost and gained in recent developments with Arab music; a song by an artist featured in this issue (Rash Radio), and a sneak preview of an upcoming project by Kalimat (which promises to be a lot of fun): Remixaat

As before, if you have any content of your own to submit for future editions of Isma3oo (new music, interviews with interesting people, good ideas that need to be shared), reach out to

Isma3oo, No. 4 - Winter 2012 by Kalimat on Mixcloud