What is Kalimat?

Rather than being about Arab culture and affairs, Kalimat is a print and online magazine providing an open space for Arab creatives across the region and its diaspora with a space to share their work and ideas. It covers Current Affairs, Culture, Art & Design and New Media.

Who publishes Kalimat?

Kalimat is published independently by "Kalimat Magazine", a not-for-profit organisation registered in Canada. Our goal is to support the Arab creative communities worldwide and communicate that work. Longer term goals include working on pursuing design research in the Arab region, read more about it here. If you’d like to support Kalimat, you can make a donation to us.

Is Kalimat an online magazine?

Our first four issues were published online, then we transitioned into a biannual print magazine, and then reverted back online. We also publish some articles strictly online on our website and issues are released in tablet and web format via visualMANIAC.

How can I subscribe?

We no longer provide subscriptions, but sell individual back issues and tablet/web versions on our online shop. And yes, we ship anywhere in the world!

Where is Kalimat based?

Kalimat is based in London, England.