El3ab: Profiling Jordan's DJs - Rawan Risheq

Rawan Risheq's article "El3ab: Profiling Jordan's DJs" is featured in the Culture Dossier of our Summer 2011 issue. Rawan interviewed various Jordanian DJs about their work and on this page, we've featured their music. 

Exoda - Dinamite(Original Mix) by Exoda

Balaras (Ali Saadi & Flatliner) - Complete Meltdown (17.12.2010) by tripthelight

AVIDBOLD Live @ Blue Wave 25.03.2011 by AVIDBOLD

dB Dose -14 by Kalice

ABU - Filthy Beatz (Aired June 17th, 2011 on HDFM 104.2) by Omarabu on Mixcloud