Kalimat is always looking for new and exciting advertising partners looking to reach their sought-after demographic. Kalimat's readership is as diverse as its content, consisting of artists, writers, designers, academics, students, journalists, scientists, curators, art enthusiasts, and more. Kalimat readers are cosmopolitan, urbane “doers” with an international outlook. They are educated, well-travelled active citizens and global consumers. The diversity of our content is held together by the rather diverse interests of our readers who are interested in architecture and in literature while their minds remain very in touch with current global affairs. We frame all these interests with depth, and fill a void in their fragmented media landscape.

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Our readers love Kalimat! Our website averages 1,000+ unique visitors per month, and we have a healthy social media follower number, an active blog, a podcast, a design studio, and a solid base of reader support spread throughout the planet. The reason is simple: no one else does what we do, publishes what we publish, and inspires those young active creatives in the manner that Kalimat does.

Small business? Start up?

Are you a small business or a start-up? You don't are we! We have discounted advertising rates for small businesses and start-ups. Please get in touch with us via email to find out more.