Ad Boomers in the UAE Market - Nassra Al Buainan

Nassra Al Buainan's article "Ad Boomers in the UAE Market" is featured in the Art+Design Dossier in our launch issue. Her interactive component are videos featuring adverts produced by UAE advertising firms.

Chicken Nandos Advert, which aired during Ramadan: 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:
Abu Dhabi Al Dar Future:
This is one of my favorite ads because it is very much related to our [Emirati] heritage. The word they are repeating in the ad "O Ya Mal!" is a sentence our great grandfathers used in the past before the discovery of oil when they went on long journeys in the sea for pearl-diving and they used to chant some songs and cheer themselves up during the long and lonely trips away from home. "O Ya Mal" is a more like a hymn they used back then.